Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer is here-

Summer activities at Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land, the seventh time.

The Sami Goathi(the turf house) now five years, is continuously in need of maintenance.
Winter is wearing on the house. Saturday there was served broth, thin-bread baked over an open fire, dried reindeer meat and coffee at the endpoint of the historical walk organized by Salten Museum. New turf is needed to keep the rain to the outside. Fresh birch leaves and branches on the floor, a warm fire and the good stories are still getting better in the Goathi.

The earth cellar at Gjelset is half finished. How to make the roof, keep mice out, and an insulating layer of soil all around the walls, is to be worked out, for the cellar to be ready for the potatoes in September.

The hub of the project, the Sørfinnset school building is facing an uncertain future. The municipality of Gildeskål has put the village school out for sale, and on Monday the building was open for interested buyers to view. This means a change for Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land. It is staded to be an eternal project, in this perspective all changes are welcome. Welcome are also good suggestions to how artists and guests can continue to contribute to the place.

Non the less the Saturday Café will be held at the school at the forthcoming weekend Saturday July 10 at 12-15. hours.The menu is green, from herbs now growing around the school building. The summer is almost three weeks late this year. That's why the wild plants are acting as it was midsummer and suitable for a good lunch. A good possibility for rendezvous with new and old faces in the fresh summer air. Be very welcome!

During July many visitors and contributors has announced their arrival. Artists from Chile, Estonia, Austria, Sweden, Norway.

July 13-17: Coming up first is artist Ina Eriksen(NOR) with a program for children. Performance, play and other games! Physical enjoyment and dancing every day with kids- at 10-15 hours. Meeting point: Sørfinnset skole.

July 17 Saturday: The annual Fishing Festival in Sørfjorden, and dance-party at the youth house organized by UL Vårsol.

July 19 Monday: A botanical walk to Lake Nordvatnet, botanist Åse Bøilestad Breivik(NOR) and artist Gry Hege Johansen(NOR). Botanical research with drawing and painting of plants. The walk starts at Sørfinnset skole at 9. in the morning.

July 19-23: Dialogos for Sørfinnset by Hans Hamid Rasmussen(NOR). Drawing of logos for a place will be worked out on paper for later to be embroiderd on a sewing machine. Sewing workshop at the school every day from 17-20 hours.

July 14-25: Curator Camila Marambio(CHI) has invited artists Juan Castillo, Juan Pablo Langlois, Diego Fernandez and Ian Szydlowsky from Chile + Anu Vahtra (EST) to work on nature, traditions, ephemerality, food, life and death.

July 25 Friday: Performance in a cave with radioactive sound by Franz Pomassl(AUT) and Anna Ceeh(RUS). A co-lab with Stefan Mitterer(NOR/AUT)

July 24 Saturday: The Summer Party, with events, exposures, food and music as far as the night lasts. We are expecting catchy rhythms and great atmosphere with low flying pop star Center of the Universe and others on the Birch Stage.

July 26.- 28.: The Mountain Hike

July 31. The Last Saturday Cafe at the schoolMore events and changes will be announced.

Wanted notice: During this spring the carpet made by artists and people at Sørfinnset has disappeared from the Thai-house. It is made of light gray sheeps wool, with waterlilies on one side and Thai letters on the other. This carpet is custom designed for the bed in the house and is important for the atmosphere and comfort there. If you have any information concerning the carpet we are grateful to know.

All activities at Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land is made possible with kind support from NNKS-North Norwegian Artist's center, The Austrian Embassy, Nordic Culture Point and volunteers.

Welcome to participate!

For more information call, send a mail or come to school! / tel. +47 481 49 / tel. +47 926 96 465

Greetings from Søssa Jørgensen, Geir Tore Holm, Stefan Mitterer and Karolin Tampere


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